bashing the jews, of course

Quick, I need a review of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto in five words or less. Oh wait: "Worst Blue Man Group... Ever."

Here is a good sign that you might need to look up "plausible" in the dictionary before handing in that final draft of your screenplay -- your main character needs a solar eclipse, random jaguar attack, and the perfectly timed arrival of the Spanish to the New World to make it to the end of the movie.

Mr. Gibson, stick to what you are good at.



unlike women, babies don't call them "fat pants"

I really think there needs to be a designer clothing line for infants -- it would be called Gucci Goo, and you'd basically just need to sell to Britney Spears and Katie Holmes to be profitable. Plus, babies would outgrow their threads so fast, you could probably sell them the next size up before they left the store.

I wish I was president of fashion. And that babies had money and understood puns.