room for cream?

The barista at this coffee shop today was a huge douche bag. It was like I stepped up in line and told him, "Hey, I heard somebody just overtook you in the race to be the biggest douche in the universe," and he just got a glint in his eye that said, "No way, that award is MINE." Dude, you are a barista, which if I learned anything in high school Spanish, is a word that means "lame, non-alcoholic bartender."

I wanted coffee, not an Americano. Yes, I know what an Americano is. Yes, I understand that means I have to wait longer because you now have to brew coffee. No, I do not believe you are out of coffee beans, because you SELL THEM BY THE POUND IN YOUR STORE, AND I CAN SEE THEM BEHIND YOU.

But you are right, it is unreasonable for a person to ask for coffee in a coffee shop. It IS OK to refuse to serve them unless they order a watered-down espresso because you are too lazy to grind some damn beans. And it is certainly OK to call me an ignorant dumbass when making your point.

Only an idiot would want to trade their money for your coffee.



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