harold and kumar ate at the wrong restaurant

Midwesterners have a funny little complex when it comes to food. They are OK knowing they have bad weather and Budweiser, but mention a fast food joint from one of the coasts, and they have to bring up their supposedly superior version. Well, I finally ate at the legendary Waffle Castle. Now, I'm not going to go trading in my gift certificates to In-N-Out (funny side note -- my gift certificates are all shaped like $20 bills, and I can get them from the ATM), but Waffle Castle is a pretty mighty experience.

If you go there for lunch, I suggest getting a triple order of Slyders smothered, covered, topped, and chicken-ringed. However, my favorite was actually the breakfast sandwich (I can't remember what it was called -- it was something slightly lame like Breakfastest Burger or Sunrise Slyder). It reminded me a lot of my Donut McMuffin, but with two pecan waffle-buns providing built-in finger grips. That is a sandwich whose one-handed eating convenience rivals the Taco Bell Good-To-Go.

If you want to try Waffle Castle for yourself, it is located in downtown St. Louis near the Arch, and across the street from the Bennihanagans Japanese-Irish-fusion restaurant. You can't miss it.



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