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Have you ever seen a baby riding a dog in an elevator? Most people would have to say no. In fact, if I were one day younger, I would have to say no. But today happened.

I had signed up for a dentist visit with this schmancy DDS who works in a building just tall enough to call a high rise. In the lobby, I hit the elevator button, and watched the two side-by-side elevators mosey to the lobby.

The one on the left was maybe a floor or two from ground when I could hear a lot of commotion coming from the car -- shouting and banging -- sounds you don't usually want to hear from an elevator you are about to enter. By the time it hit the lobby level and dinged, you could hear what sounded like a fight inside the car. The doors slid open to reveal a baby dressed in but-a-diaper, riding a mangy-looking dingo-style dog that was bucking like a rodeo bronco. The baby was gripping the dog's fur with one hand, and the other was waving in the air, and the dog was howling, and both of them were crashing and banging into the sides of the elevator, which were totally polished mirrors from head-to-toe, which gave the impression of a giant elevator-room full of cowboy babies. Obviously, I let the door close again, and the sounds of banging slowly floated back up into the upper floors of the building.

So, I canceled my appointment, because hey, I may not be a Miss Cleo level psychic, but a baby riding an angry dog is probably a bad omen, and I'd rather just have dirty teeth.



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