babies are the ultimate bling

Today, I saw a dude standing at the bus stop dressed totally straight-up G-style -- baggy cargo pants, shoes with the phat laces, diamond studs in his ears, and a cap worn just slightly cocked -- except he had a baby strapped to his front. Check it -- the baby was holding some sort of Cabbage Patch doll, and the DOLL had on a platinum chain. TRIPLE BLING. This guy was wearing three levels of bling at once -- first, what could you strap around your neck that is more priceless than life you created? Second, he took us old-school with the Cabbage Patch Kid; according to the Antique Roadshow, a vintage CPK is worth more than most bling. Third, just in case he was being too subtle with the alterna-bling he was boldly presenting, he just draped some ice around that doll, so there could be no question.

Not just bling-bling. Bling-bling-bling. Triple bling.
Word to your mother.



At 5:00 PM, Anonymous carlomontagnino said...

that so frickin cool man. I wish i saw that. I'm gonna go ice my pound puppie iout.


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