...the milkman, the paperboy, and even mtv?

What ever happened to The Possibilities? I remember thinking they were on the edge of the verge of the cusp of awesome, held down only by their lead singer's cheese grater of a voice. Another thing, what ever happened to the Energy Beer? I loved those things for the few short months they existed. It was the only energy drink I ever tasted that wasn't saccharine sweet, plus it was a beer (did I mention?).

Speaking of beer, I had to go to traffic school this weekend for "driving in the bike lane." Please, if I wasn't supposed to hit bikers, then why do they wear little blinking lights so I can find them in the dark? In court, I told this to the judge (the cop who arrested me told me to), and I think he agreed -- he gave me a free jump suit, although it wasn't really my color. Sadly, it turned out I had to give it back once spring break was over. Spring break kind of sucked by the way -- it was kind of a sausage-fest, and I didn't get out as much as I would have liked.



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