fiddle me this, batman

I attended a friend's recital last night. She plays in an Amadeus-style classical music trio (piano-cello-violin, and at least two Asians), where you can only cough between movements, and people get angry when you try to start the "wave." Unfortunately, I'm not such a fan of any music where old people don't cover their ears like they just heard Michael J. Fox shred the guitar, but she is my friend, and as they say, friendship is not a river in Egypt.

So I confess, I zoned out the music a bit, but I have to admit that she looked pretty damn cool rocking out on the piano. Likewise, the cello player had girls screaming her name like she was channeling the two dead Beatles. On the other hand, the violinist looked like she had a giant tumor sticking out of her neck. Speaking of, I once had a friend with a real giant neck tumor. One time he showed up at our annual Halloween party with no costume, except he drew a smiley face on his goiter in black sharpie. We had always avoided bringing it up in conversation -- I guess this was his way of saying, "Be my guest."



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