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I'm really worried that the world is changing in subtle ways that can never be reversed. Pretty soon we'll be living in the futuristic world of Logan's Run, but it won't be retro-cool, like "Hey look, we recreated Logan's Run, that old show that was inexplicably popular in the Old United States!" It'll actually just be Logan's Run, and we'll think the costumes are something acceptable to wear in public.

Why am I afraid? Because I realized that my cell phone ring tone is an old phone ringing. You know, "Ring, ring!" like phones used to do, not crappy Muzak remixes of popular songs. I did it because I miss hearing a "real" phone ring, but now people are like, "Oh cool, how retro!" And I don't want to be retro-cool, but really now, I think I can say that the ring has been slowly eliminated from our consciousness. Sure, the phone rings at work, and at our parents' houses, but how long before they give in to the new technology, and we've got Lawrence Welk ring tones blazing from the old folks' homes? And children are growing up without ringing phones! Pretty soon, I'll be some crotchety old man who remembers the days when you couldn't choose what sounds your phone made, and what a cool cartoon Ghostbusters was back before The Millennium (I mean the awesome Ghostbusters based on the movie, not the one with a fucking gorilla as an actual member of a ghost-fighting team, and certainly not that PC-overboard, all inclusive crap Ghostbusters with a Hispanic girl, black guy, and goddamn cripple in a wheelchair).

Please don't label me with that retro label just because I loved Ghostbusters the cartoon. I am not trying to be cool by naming an obscure 80's phenomenon that would be cool to be obsessed with (although does anybody remember Go-Bots, the poor man's Transformers? I loved that too), I just really liked Ghostbusters. Seriously, I remember not being able to tell time, and watching TV all day just because I could not be sure when Ghostbusters came on. Or asking my dad to wake me up from my nap so I wouldn't miss Ghostbusters. Anyway, we didn't have cable, so fuck all you Nickelodeon-watching, Ren-and-Stimpy-Thundercats-humping bastards. I had Ghostbusters dammit.



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