free peanut shells?

My car is completely full of peanut shells. Remember those ball pits at McDonalds and how awesome it was to still fit under the Hamburglar's hand and plunge into a world of balls? Yeah, my car is like that, only it's more goober-themed. Anyway, I convinced Tim-tim that since the mess is mostly his, he needs to clean out the car, but I kind of feel bad just throwing them out. Peanuts seem like such a wasteful food, since we can't eat most of it. If you have a use for peanut shells, I can wrap them up in some big plastic trash bags and send them your way. If you have really valuable naked peanuts that need more protection, maybe you can individually wrap them in these only slightly used peanut shells.



At 1:01 AM, Blogger esspee said...

D, you're an odd one. But that's cool with me.


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