who names their dog oedipus rex?

Drake, my vampire roommate, has become pretty inseparable from Oedipus, who has graduated from his cardboard-box-confines to free reign of the downstairs area. We have one of those baby fences keeping him from heading upstairs, since he still has accidents once in a while. He is a chihuahua-great-dane mix, which makes him look like he stepped in a transporter built by Jeff Goldblum. I've been told that such rare cross-breeds fetch top dollar in Japan, since chihuahuas and great danes rarely interbreed in the wild. And believe me, all the stories you've heard about vampires and their pet dogs are true.

On another positive note, Drake is feeling upbeat after he found an online support group for vampires who have contracted diseases fatal to humans. He has been chatting with a German lady-vamp who developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from one of her victims. It sounds like after a big scare, his future is looking practically UV-esque.



At 3:17 AM, Blogger Joyz said...

I would absolutely love it if you would send me some pictures of the Great Dane Chi mix, i have been searching all of google and more search engines for a photo of that, i would really like to end this compulsion with a photograph before I am forced to purchace a Chi & Dane and an artificial insemination kit. Thank you so much for your time
-seanna fivejoyz@yahoo.com


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