can the undead "re-live" the past?

Well, Oedipus and I have the house to ourselves for the foreseeable. We were watching a documentary called "Dark Days," which is about homeless crackheads (sorry, that was insensitive -- crack-PEOPLE) who live underground in a sunless rat-infested shantytown for years at a time. But I mean, actually, it was pretty nice: they had painted houses, television, and electric razors. Anyway, cue my roommate Drake, who was homeless before he moved into mine: his eyes get all saucer-like, and he gets the idea that this village of eternal night would be home to a homeless vampire. So he gives me Oedipus' leash and collar, does the turning-into-bats thing, and I suppose the best word is "migrates" to New York.

The first day, Oedipus was really frantic with Drake gone, but I treated him to an In-N-Out Double-Double ("animal style" obviously), and he calmed down like a baby in a topless bar.



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